Block Kong

Hong Kong is not only one of the leading international financial centres but also a discrete, yet powerful BlockChain hub.Meet 21 brilliant Blockchain Hong Kong entrepreneurs, around breakfast in their favourite local restaurants.

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Block Kong

Book in English & Traditional Chinese, featuring conversations with:- Henri Arslanian, PwC
- Phil Chen, HTC
- Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX
- Urszula McCormack, K&WM
- Fangfang Chen, Algorand
- Julian Gordon, Hyperledger
- Jehan Chu, Kenetic Capital
- Lawrence Tam, Kwun Yeung, Forbole
- Ben Delo, BitMEX
- Alex Svanevik, Nansen
- Lionello Lunesu, Enuma technologies
- Mark Wales, Galileo Platforms
- Kris Marszalek,
- Yat Siu, Animoca
- Benedicte Nolens, SC Ventures
- Leonhard Weese, Bitcoin Association
- Angie Lau,
- Chapman, Madden, Lo, BC group
- Sandy Peng, Tezos China
- Patrice Poujol, Lumiere
- Jason Choi, Spartan Group


Charles d'Haussy

Into crypto since 2011. Former Head of Fintech with Hong Kong government. MD Asia @ ConsenSys.


Jame DiBiasio

An award-winning financial journalist, Jame DiBiasio is the founder and editor of DigFin.

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